HAYSLOWSlow Hay Feeder (HaySlow)


HAYSLOW is a SLOW HAY FEEDER designed to mimic the natural grazing of horses in the wild, HAYSLOW will keep horses busy for up to 16 hours a day preventing them from developing VISES, ULCERS & COLICS. Horses will be eating from ground level as they do in nature, Having hay all the time will reduce their food related STRESSES & ... read more

HAYSLOW can hold up to 15kg of hay, it is designed to fit into the corner of stables & paddocks. Constructed of galvanized sheet metal for the body and stainless steel for the feeding grille, HAYSLOW has been designed for a long life and easy cleaning. Two screws is all it takes to fix the HAYSLOW to the corner of your stable or paddock.

HAYSLOW, designed and built in 2009 by Arash Blookbashi in Dubai, it took 150 days of Hay Slow Feeder (HaySlow)research and development to come up with a design that
in the best possible way mimics horses natural way of grazing. Out in the paddock its best to have at least one HAYSLOW for each horse, which will encourage them to move their feet and have a bit of hay off every   HAYSLOW, this would give a chance for every horse to have hay while the alpha horse is grazing from his favorite HAYSLOW.

This is Cher-Ghazi helping us with HAYSLOW development.

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