HAYSLOW keeps horses busy, it allows them to eat slow & from ground level and they will have hay 24/7. It also helps the horse owners...
  • Keeping horses busy in their boxes will prevent them from developing VICES & stress related COLICS. HAYSLOW keeps their mind active.
  • Eating slow will help them digest better and the HAYSLOW prevents them from having too much hay too fast which can cause Colic. 
  HaySlow (Slow Hay Fedder)
  • Eating from ground level, their body is stretched in it's natural grazing position. Head, neck and jaw are in the right alignment for eating. Natural jaw position will allow the teeth to wear correctly and having their head down is emotionally a relaxed position for horses. The HAYSLOW will calm the horse down.
  • Having hay 24/7, will take "the feeding time concept" away, which was introduced by us and it causes a lot of stress to horses waiting for the feeding time to come. Having no hay for a long period of time can cause Gastric Ulcers. HAYSLOW will allow them to graze as they should do naturally. They will spend their time carefully picking the one hay straw they love! and they will pick their feeding time by choice.  
  • Horse owners will have a healthier and a calmer horse. They can ride their horse any time (if not feeding grains). The horse wont insist on going back to his stall at hay feeding times (because there is no hay feeding time!).You might go to heaven for doing this for your horse but "we will definitely go to heaven for making HAYSLOW"
  • Economical advantages, HAYSLOW is not designed to save money, it is designed solely for the benefit of the horse. However holding up to 15kg of hay, the HAYSLOW only needs to be filled once or twice in 24 hours, saving a lot of time. Less hay gets waisted.   Horses will have Less health problems, because they are not eating hay mixed with sand, manure, urine and shaving and because they chew more they wear their teeth naturally so there will be less dentist visits.

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